Pursuit text file 31 October 1997

1. Announcement
2. Installation
3. Troubleshooting
4. System requirements
5. Where to find files
6. How to get help
7. Participants and credits
8. Some legalities


            TeamTNT proudly announces the release of

                  |         Pursuit          |
                  |    Deathmatch Reprise    |

Pursuit is the third set of 32 DOOM II Deathmatch-only levels from 
TeamTNT.  It is now available on ftp.cdrom.com and its mirrors.  
See below for the exact path.

TeamTNT strikes again with yet another 32 levels of all-Deathmatch
frag mayhem.  Pursuit follows in the footsteps of the popular TeamTNT
sets "Bloodlands" and "Grievance".  There's lots of interesting 
architecture, impeccable texture alignment and play balance, and 
frags out the wazoo.  Most of the levels are tight fragfests, a couple
that are big enough for a more leisurely pace, and lots of selection
in between.

You wondered what happened to the weekend when you played Icarus.  
You'll wonder what happened to the month when you play Bloodlands.
You'll wonder who blew your butt off in Grievance...
You'll wonder how we can keep making these great levels in Pursuit.


 - 32 brand new levels by some of the best Deathmatchers
 - Difficulty levels used to fine-tune game rules
 - Three 4-player fragfest demos
 - All in one WAD, easy to run
 - Works with DOOM II version 1.9 or Final DOOM
 - Intermission music by David Shaw
 - Though the overall WAD size is a bit over 3MB, it all zips
   to fit on a single diskette
 - It's by TeamTNT members, so you know it's good
 - Startup batch file included
 - Kept small by limiting new graphics and music

Pursuit comes in one WAD file, zipped into one ZIP file.  You'll
need PKUNZIP.EXE or an equivalent unzipping utility to unpack
another copy of this file).

Just unzip it into your DOOM2 directory and run TNTPURST.BAT, or 
load TNTPURST.WAD in your favorite front-end program.

Floppy download:

Not a problem.  Pursuit fits on a floppy--it's not much over a meg
when zipped.


Not much can go wrong, since this is just one WAD file.  However,
since not much can go wrong, something might, and maybe a few
steps here will help.

a.  First, verify that TNTPURST.BAT and TNTPURST.WAD are in your
    DOOM2 directory, and that you are in that directory when you
    type TNTPURST.

b.  Spell TNTPURST right. (we left out some vowels)

c.  If it starts up and crashes with a message similar to

      "Demo is from a different version"

    then you're not running DOOM2 version 1.9.  You'll need to
    upgrade if you're going to look at the demos (which are 
    well worth the trouble).  Upgrade files are available all
    over the place, and particularly at ftp.cdrom.com or 
    ftp.idsoftware.com.  Your DOOM2 version number will appear 
    at the top of the screen while DOOM2 is initializing.

d.  If you notice that the full-screen intermission texts (like
    between MAP06 and MAP07) don't make sense any more, or that
    the automap names don't match the level names, that's because
    we chose to honor id Software's wish that we not alter their
    DOOM2.EXE file, and that's where that stuff is stored.


   A computer that will play DOOM2 well.  Deathmatch is deathmatch,
   and you won't need any more computer or modem power than you'd 
   need with DOOM2 by itself.  

   You'll like it better if you have a good sound card, but if you
   do much deathmatch you already know that.

   The WAD file is a bit over 4MB, and you'll need about 6MB 
   free available during unzipping.

   Any other requirements (modem, network stuff) are no different
   than if you were running DOOM2 without Pursuit.


   Pursuit was uploaded to ftp.cdrom.com on Hallowe'en 1997 (Oct 31)
   and can be found with the rest of the TeamTNT products in 


   It will be propagated to the cdrom.com mirrors after that.  
   We will also more or less simultaneously upload it to Compuserve, 
   with AOL, Fidonet, etc. following close behind.  Most of 
   these locations have a waiting period before the files are 
   publically available, but it won't be long...

   ftp.cdrom.com is the one place you can be guaranteed to find
   the most recent version, and you can always get to a pointer to
   the file from our web site (see below).

   While you're there, get Eternal DOOM, Icarus, Grievance and 
   Bloodlands if you don't already have them.


   If it's about DOOM2 itself, contact id Software.

   If it's about Pursuit, don't contact id Software.

   Pursuit questions can be handled by other players on the
   usenet newsgroups, various forums on Compuserve and other
   services, and by TeamTNT by email.  Either write to us at


   or go to our web page at



   The following TeamTNT members were involved in creating
   Grievance.  Testing was a team effort, and a big thanks goes
   out to the fragbait the team members used to test against.

   Ty Halderman   
	Project Coordinator, builds, web and FTP sites, 
	email support, Punch Team, new textures, titlepic,
        intermission, credit, etc. graphics, review coordinator.
	Oh, and made 3 levels too.

   Gary Gosson
        Levels and Punch Team.

   Lisa Moore
	Levels and Punch Team

   David Shaw
        Intermission music and Punch Team

   Level design information:
	01   Ty Halderman   "Case Closed"
	02   Gary Gosson   "Sunrise"
	03   Lisa Moore "Terminal Obsession"
	04   Gary Gosson   "Waiting for Worms"
	05   Richard Jaspars - Styx "Solar Plexus"
	06   Lisa Moore "Your Own Pit to Die in"
	07   William Whitaker "Weekend at OJ's"
	08   Ty Halderman   "Shadow Boxing"
	09   Richard Jaspars - Styx "Arena"
	10   Gary Gosson   "Mommy, Where's Daddy?"
	11   Lisa Moore "Monolithic"
	12   Tommie Quick "Black Rage"
	13   Ty Halderman   "Deathway"
	14   Jeremy Wagner - Iron Lich "Damn It!"
	15   Richard Jaspars - Styx "Run Like Hell"
	16   Richard Jaspars - Styx "Chaos"
	17   Yonatan Donner "Broken World"
	18   Mark Hatton - Hatty "Pulse"
	19   William Whitaker "Halflife"
	20   William Whitaker "No Way Out"
	21   Andrew Dowswell "Under an Open Sky"
	22   William Whitaker "Terminus"
	23   Charles Cox - Mange "Riven"
	24   Gary Gosson   "Hot Patootie"
	25   Jim Kennedy "Spelunker"
	26   Tommie Quick "Deathyard"
	27   Jeremy Wagner - Iron Lich "Kill 'em Dead"
	28   Tommie Quick "Pillars"
	29   William Whitaker "A Time to Kill, A Time to Die"
	30   Yonatan Donner "The Holy Goat"
	31   Richard Jaspars - Styx "Sector 7" 
	32   Mark Hatton - Hatty "Interstellar Overdrive"

   Members and non-members who offered themselves as fragbait:
	Robert Taylor [TeamTNT member]
	'Mich'			(Michel Thomissen)
	'SpaceManSpiff'		(Lorenzo Cricchio)
	'Lamer'			(Dave Stewart)
	'Blackacid'		(Robert Hough)
	'Grean'se Lightning'	(Andrew Goode)
	'Cordata'		(Steven Sturza)
	'Fragleader'		(Erik)
	'LickMe'		(Dave the FragMeat)
	'Lord Bevis'		(Phil)
	'Get Some!'		(Anton)
	'Daf'			(Daphne Halderman)

   Thanks to John Minadeo for mailing list resources.

   And of course we thank the authors of the many utilities we used
   to produce Pursuit.  Without you the DOOM-editing environment
   would just suck.  


   Pursuit is a copyrighted work and though free
   is not public property ("public domain").  Don't take stuff
   out of our levels, and don't take our levels out of Pursuit.
   Pursuit should have been free to you (connection times and
   stuff notwithstanding) and shouldn't have shown up on
   someone's DM collection or CD.  If it does, let us know right
   away.  We are serious about the CD thing--no commercial
   compilations are allowed to include any TeamTNT products under
   any circumstances, even if they delete this text file...

   We thank you for trying Pursuit.  Let us know what you think
   about it.  Try out Icarus, Bloodlands, Grievance, Eternal DOOM
   and Final DOOM too, and keep checking our web page for other 
   team products--we're still churning stuff out.

   Pursuit and associated files are
   (C) Copyright 1997 TeamTNT

///End of file