'Lesion' final 25/11/05 (re-revised 6/2/06)
by Cybershark  (morleytron@hotmail.com)

better forget about that SSG because finally my Doom 1on1 map pack is done!  :D

got a little tired of making Nutty maps which relied solely on gimmicks in a lot of cases and also all the so-called 'Oldskoolers' who never leave home without their SSG and think that there couldn't have possibly been a deathmatch map worth playing before MAP01.
also wanted to prove that old format maps don't have to look like shit.  they are mostly quite claustrophobic though - your movement will need to be spot on here.

contains maps:
E1M1 - Magma Regulator
duelling amongst the computers which control the flow of magma to the volcano above and prevent an erruption on the surface of the planet.
thanks to Dash for pointing out that the original version didn't have much Magma in it  XD
music: Robocop vs Terminator Theme

E1M2 - Rage
a vicious clash of textures.  this facility was reassembled and refitted after the original site was partially destroyed by a meteor storm.  designed for drainage and painful rocket suicides  >:>
and that plasma area was never meant to be so DMC/Brit-ish but wtf, it's a nice nod i guess.
music: AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Cheap

E1M3 - Biomehanika
natural evolved high tech is fused with mystically cloned organic tissue to form a daemonic outpost on the very mouth of hell.
pure Giger baby!
music: some weird Halloween remix

E1M4 - Bay XII
munitions loading dock.  simple yet fluid.  Gollum reckons it has no flow - i say :p
wicked for mlookers  ;>
music: Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name

E1M5 - Demonville
on a remote Greek isle a testament still stands to the ancient ones who walked the Earth before any living thing we knew stood tall.
a Lovecraftian fragfest.
music: Phantasm Theme

title music - Pink Floyd: On The Run
intermission music - Atomic Runner Theme

stuff that got added:
a neat H.R.Giger intermission pic (well, he did coin the phrase Biomechanic),
redesigned version of a magma flow diagram i found on Google,
Hudson from Aliens,
a whole shitload of modified Doom graphics.  some of them come from or draw upon the Alpha versions of Doom and the SFALLs in Rage in straight outta DoomII  (couldn't live without it  XD)
i may have snuck a particle fountain in there too but apart from that and the MAPINFO it's all pure Doomy goodness  ;>

changelog since last version:
interpics resized - previously they'd only display at 400x300/800x600 screen res
Magma Regulator - curved stairs rotated a tiny little bit more.
Rage - minor item movement (basically just one plasma cell removed).
BayXII - reinstated lift-lowering lines on BayXII - that was the one thing that was REALLY bugging me there  XD
Demonville - hopefully finally dealt with the two sticky player starts, moved the baron a touch, added a little light to the temple pentagram and tweaked the wall by the exit switch so the health is easier to get.

no preferred DMFLAGS - play however you feel  :>
jumping isn't required in any maps but can be used well.  same goes for Freelook.
but i'd prob'ly have the following settings:
DMFLAGS=20644 DMFLAGS2=1048576(or just 0, doesn't make any diff)

only note here is that exits should NOT be set to kill but to advance the map.  there is a hidden exit in each map which can be used to switch maps.  these switches are not intended to be abused for suicides and so it takes one player to open the exit, the other to press it (unless you're very quick  :p)
the exit is hidden but the switches are easy to see and the maps aren't big so they won't take much finding.

thanks to everyone who Beta tested earlier versions of these maps and gave encouragement and advice, especially:  Magnetron256, Englander, Kilgore, L@P_da_GodFad3r, Gollum, Slasher, Dash98663, Doomaholic and Poignant.
extra love to DRS for all his play time and hosting of Rage (and for getting squished on Biomehanika  :p)
and to Adereth for spotting all the bad textures i missed and anything else that may have sucked along the way.
and of course to Julz_D, Milian and MasterOfDeath without whom i'd be less than nothing.

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