D O O M  ][     D E A T H M A T C H   P W A D


Title                  : Hate (To Live Is To Die)
Filename               : HATE.WAD
Release Date           : February 1998
Creator                : Danny Lancashire
Previous Levels        : PRESS F1 with the wad loaded to find out ...
Email Address          : danny@lancs.airtime.co.uk

Description            : 2, 3 and possibly 4 player DEATHMATCH level

                         Although it's got a simple overall design (oval),
                         I'd like to think that the inidividual twists and
                         turns make the players 'work' for each kill. Should
                         be varied too.

                         It can be fiddly if you try and bomb about the map
                         on your first few games, but when you get used to
                         it you should be able to keep things moving nice 
                         and fast. Certainly tests your agility, and weeds
                         out players who can't handle pressure situations.

                         My main aim with this level is the emphasis on
                         'windows'. Obviously you can see there are many,
                         and that's what I wanted from the start. I probably
                         don't speak for every deathmatch player, but I find
                         you can really get some great shots on a level like
                         this. No two games should be the same, anyway.

                         Looks are something I like to think improve with
                         each new level I create, and hopefully this one is
                         no exception. It took a long time, let's put it that
                         way. Structures bind together quite well, plus the
                         lighting isn't too bad either. I'm happy with the
                         overall 'feel'.

                         I didn't think I'd be doing another level after I'd
                         finished Erazer: Seek & Destroy, but after some nice
                         feedback and also playing Stu's new map EXPOSED I
                         felt like another go.
                         Hope you enjoy playing it, anyway  :)

Additional Credits to  : YETi (playtesting)

GREETS                 : Cheers to Stuart Mckendrick for his criticisms
                         and also to the authors of the programs I used
                         to make this level.

                         Also, a big HELLO to:

                         SUPERINTENDANT ALLAN TURBO
                         CAPTAIN JIM WEAPON
                         BOB TURRET
                         JACK FORESKIN

                         and not forgetting ...

                         COMMANDER DAVE BELTER

                              * Play Information *

Level number           : Map 1
Single Player          : To have a wander. Try -ALTDEATH (respawn points)
Cooperative 2-4 Player : RAM IT
Deathmatch 2-4 Player  : Yeah, suited to 2 players (3/4 not tested yet)
Difficulty Settings    : DM1 is best, with skill 4 (of course)
New Sounds             : YES - most of the Deathmatch samples are new
New Graphics           : YES - Loads
New Music              : YES - 'Wasting My Hate' by Metallica
                               a smidgeon of 'To Live is to Die' by Metallica
                               a bit of 'One' by Metallica
                               OKAY, SO I LIKE METALLICA - FUCK YOU !

Demos Replaced         : Two short demos are built in.

* AMBIENCE *           : Now when you're playing you can HEAR the level
************             speaking to you. If you're standing near a
                         tunnel-type area the wind will howl. Open areas
                         also sound like they should.

                         NOTE: For ambience to work you must have MONSTERS
                         enabled. Press fire in the level to set things off.

                         Hey - twat those barrels, scrotty !

                              * Construction *

Base                   : New level from scratch 
Build time             : 3 Weeks (you're hard)
Editor(s) used         : D.e.e.P '97 and WinTEX
Known Bugs             : Very nearly; to do with the maximum number of
                         visable linedefs and 'planes' ... but I got around
                         it in the end.

                         * Copyright / Permissions *
If you want to distribute this level, send me some e-mail first please.

Any comments would be welcomed - again, via mail.

I'd be flattered if someone used this as inspiration in creating a kick-ass
Deathmatch level. I'd be fuckin' angry if ANY of it is just plain ripped-off.

                          * Where to get this WAD *

WWW.ZONE.U-NET.COM - under the "WADS" section.

This section still sucks elephants.