Title                   : + Gothic DeathMatches +
Cult Leader             : Anthony Czerwonka (Adelusion)
Email Address           : adelusion@aol.com
Followers / Worshipers  : CVH Martin - Hypostimus
			: Michal Mesko
			: Matthew Dixon - Mattrim of Amber
			: Dan Twomey - The Waffle King
			: Andrei Romanov - Roman
			: Iikka Ker„nen - 'Fingers'
			: Adam Williamson

Music By                : Mark Klem
			: David Shaw

Description             : 32 Extremely detailed maps, made for
			  DeathMatch play ONLY! Several artists
			  reached within their hearts to make
			  this a reality. DOOM2 just NEVER
			  looked this good...

Additional Credits to   : The few peasants that helped make this
			  happen...without them, life would be
			  even worse.

Additional Thanks to    : Mark Klem, and David Shaw.. for the
			  original MIDIs. Matthew Dixon, and to
			  the rest of the Gothic crew for
			  contributing to the project and
			  helping one another. Those that helped
			  spread the word, and those that will
			  despise us for making the
			  BEST LOOKING WAD to date!
* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Map01 - Map32
Single Player           : No
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (1-3 New 2.0, 4-5 Old 1.0)
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Textures            : Yes
New music               : Yes
Demos Replaced          : Yes

 *** NOTE: These demos are recorded in v1.9 of DOOM2 ***
DEMO1: Roman vs. Mich // Map02 // 2 mins.
DEMO2: Matt vs. Dan vs. Mr.X vs. Mr.Z // Map27 // 2 mins.
DEMO3: Dan vs. David // Map22 // 2 mins.
DEMO4: Matt vs. Dan vs. Mr.X vs. Mr.Z // Map15 // 2 mins.
      *** (NOTE: DEMO4 works in Final DOOM only) ***

* Construction *

Base                    : New maps from scratch
Build Time              : 180 Moons
Editor(s) used          : Many! Thanks to all that made DOOM
			  editing happen. Without your help and
			  knowledge...we wouldn't have had this
			  opportunity to be creative.

Known Bugs              : Some...but we'll leave that to you
			  to find... =D
* Copyright / Permissions *

and MIDIs as a base to build additional levels. Those that
dare to risk their lives...will be thrown into the Dungeons of
GothicDM2: Dungeons of Death

You MAY distribute this WAD project, provided you include this
file, and the others the are contined within the ZIP file...
with no modifications.  You may distribute this file(s) in any
electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you
include this file intact.

If you find any bugs, have questions or comments, e-mail us.

* Where to get this WAD *

Misc. Elite WWW Pages
Many Others...

Author                  : Anthony Czerwonka
Email Address           : Adelusion@aol.com
Home Page               : members.aol.com/adelusion/adel.html
Other Files By Author   : +Maker\*Co-Maker of these DOOM2 Wads
			  +FetalDM Series, +PerdDM Series
			  +Dystopia 2, *Dystopia 3
			  Other Doom2 Stuff:
			  STRAIN: Levels\Textures
			  REQUIEM: Levels\Textures
			  Nostromo's Run: Textures
Misc. Author Info       : Awaiting the Day I Rest In Peace
Author                  : CVH Martin
Email Address           : Hypostimus@aol.com
Misc. Author Info       : These are the First five levels I've ever
			  done, so hate me all you want.  I just want
			  to thank the following people: Anthony, for
			  his patentce, help, and involving me in this
			  project, Mike and Matt for encouragement!
			  Also, very special thanks to P. Jepsen (aka Scipico)
			  for design help, and being a general pain
			  in my butt getting these right! Special
			  thanks to my Great Grandmother who so long
			  ago taught me to think for my self, and
			  also to D.R. Goettel for putting something
			  very special in my life.
			  May their souls rest in peace.
Author                  : Michal Mesko
Home Page               : members.aol.com/jffbb/index.html
Other Files By Author   : DUSK, Annihilation, Annihilation 2,
			  NonStop DM Levels
Misc. Author Info       : I'd like to credit: id, Authors of DETH
			  NWT, ZENNODE, and fellows from the
			  Gothic crew.
Author                  : Matthew C. Dixon
Email Address           : curtdixon@shaw.wave.ca
Home Page               : N/A
Other Files By Author   : the Amber DM series for DOOM2
Misc. Author Info       : DeathMatcher extraordinaire // DOOM addict
Author                  : Iikka Ker„nen
Email Address           : ikeranen@raita.oulu.fi
Home Page               : www.student.oulu.fi/~ikeranen
Other Files By Author   : For Doom2 (in chronological order):
			  6 levels in Dystopia 3 (Dyst3)
			  Addictiv DM series (8 levels + gfx)
			  7 levels in Requiem
			  For Quake:
			  IKGUNS patch
			  IKSPQ series
Misc. Author Info       : IQ 184. ;)
Author                  : Andrei Romanov (a.k.a. Roman)
Email Address           : roman@castel.nl
Home Page               : none
Other Files By Author   : dmc1.wad, dmc2.wad, beavisfx.wad,
			  screwed.wad, wooden.wad, wooden2.wad,
			  sntkeep.wad, pwrplant.wad
Misc. Author Info       : All Time #1 of the
			  Dutch DeathMatch Competition (DMC)
Author                  : The Waffle King (Dan Twomey)
Email Address           : dantwo@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
Home Page               : http://www.freenet.edmonton.ab.ca/doom2
Other Files by Author   : nowherex.wad the DM series...
Misc. Author Info       : Sixteen year old doomer and level maker.
Author                  : Adam Williamson
Email Address           : adam@scss.demon.co.uk
Home Page               : N/A
Other Files By Author   : Doom2 (chronological order): 2spook35.wad,
			  falls.wad, dvpa.wad, Memento Mori 2 MAP06,
			  tyranny.wad MAP01-MAP10, Insertion MAP09
			  and MAP11, Requiem MAP29. Also 29 Wolf3D
			  levels, if anyone manages to track them
			  down again :).
Misc. Author Info       : I'm really a cyborg. No, it's true. Honest.
Author                  : Mark A. Klem
Email Address           : mklem@merlin.ebicom.net
Home Page               : http://www2.ebicom.net/~mklem/
Music Contributions     : CRINGE! for Doom
			  TiC [Memento Mori & Memento Mori II]
			  Wacky Wheels from Apogee :)
			  All Hell is Breaking Loose (Doom2)
			  TECHNODOOM (available is .WAV format)
Misc. Author Info       : Computer Department Supervisor at
			  SIGNS FIRST in Hattiesburg, MS
			  for all your sinage needs! ;)
Author                  : David Shaw
Email Address           : tolwyn@televar.com or davids1622@aol.com
Home Page               : http://www.televar.com/~tolwyn
Other Music Work        : TeamTNT [Icarus, Bloodlands, Grievance,
				   Pursuit, Ragnarok]
			  TiC [Memento Mori II]
			  Black Star Coven [The Talosian Incident]
			  GothicDM, Insertion, BOC Doom, and
			  many MISC gaming web-site background music.
Misc. Author Info       : Instructor at Emotif University out of
			  Los Angeles, CA (http://Emotif.com).
©1997 David Shaw and Mark Anthony Klem

¤ Licensed for use with the "GOTHIC DM Project" ¤

Maps 02,04,06,08,10,16,18,20,22,24,30, Intro, Title: David Shaw

Maps 01,03,05,07,09,11,12,13,14,15,31,32,17,19,21,23,25,26,27,28,
29, Story: Mark A. Klem

All Rights Reserved