EXPOSED DOOM ][ DEATHMATCH MAP 
				January 1998

Title                     : "EXPOSED"
Filename                  : Exposed.zip contains Exposed.wad and this crap 
			    your reading.                                                                                                                                          
World Builder             : Stuart McKendrick
Web Address		  : www.zone.u-net.com
E-mail Address            : yeti@zone.u-net.com    

Previous DM wads created  : Ozone, Battery, Bleed, Tower, Openair.
                            EDGE (6 level dm pack) + my work on Brit 11.

Description           :  Exposed is by far the most architecuraly detailed
                        level that I`ve built to date. I tried very hard to
                        make the level look both varied and interesting
                        throughout, and despite the textures looking similar
                        I think I achieved this. Believe it not this level
                        took less than 2 hours to build but testing seemed to
                         take forever. I`m not sure if Exposed surpasses my
                        previous efforts, you`ll just have to make your own
                        mind up on that one. I just hope you can enjoy Exposed
                        for what it is, a cracking level with shit hot looks
                        to match. 

Influences for this level : Looks/design - Buildings from Coronation Street
                            and The Waltons:)
                            Plus stuff by Danny and my previous efforts.

Additional Credits        : Danny Lancashire (playtester)                                                            Ha not this time PAL!!

Greetings to : Danny, Scoops, Forgot, Rambo, Phil Abbott, Nick Baker + some 
	       members of the British Doom League.
                       P L A Y    I N F O R M A T I O N

Deathmatch Level #      : Map 1
Single Player           : NO
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Don`t be gay, sad or stupid.
Deathmatch  2-4 Player  : Exposed has been created for 2 player deathmatch.
                          3&4 Player - Not tested, could be interesting!
Difficulty Settings     : Optimised for Old deathmatch skill 4 only. Why?
                          because that`s the only way to play deathmatch
                          it's that simple. Don`t knock it, until you`ve 
			  tried it.
New Sounds              : Yes, practically all of them. 
New Graphics            : Well sort of, they include Title screen, F1/help,
			  credit and interlevel screen. Sky texture, status bar,
			  pause and text.
New Music               : Yes indeedy -  NiN

*AMBIENCE*              :  Now when you're playing you can HEAR the level
**********                speaking to you. If you're standing near a
                          tunnel-type area the wind will howl. Open areas also
                          sound like they should.

                          Note: For ambience to work you must have
                          `MONSTERS ON'To wake up the monsters hidden in the
                          walls try firing at the start of each level, or take
                          out some barrels !

Demos Replaced          : Demo 1 replaced with a 4 minute taster.
                          Just wait at the title screen for the demo to start.


Base                    : From a blank grid. 
Build time              : Who cares.
Editor(s) used          : Waded 1.38B, Deep and Wintex
                          Wintex for inserting graphics, sounds etc...
                          Deep for cleaning up and optimizing the level.

Known Bugs :              None so far. Gulp! Just hope the visplane error
			  stays away ;)

=-=-=-=Copyright / Permissions=-=-=-=

  Authors MAY NOT use this Wad-Pack as a base to build additional levels/packs, 
or otherwise.  

  You MAY distribute this PWAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  If you have any constructive comments at all, good or bad
please email me at:  yeti@zone.u-net.com

                                                                                                                                                                           Hi there Vincent gong just checking were you :D
=-=-= Where to get this WAD and other piles of shit =-=-=

My Web Page: WWW.ZONE.U-NET.COM    Dedicated Doom ][ Deathmatch Page
British Doom League BBS            01290426847     UK 24 Hrs 7 days

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