Title                   : EGYPTIAN DOOM for DOOM II v1.0
Filename                : egypt.zip, containing 14 files
Author                  : Staffan SHL Linderoth
Email Address           : d4sl@dtek.chalmers.se

Description             : A total conversion for doom 2, with
                          6 new levels, lots of new graphics,
                          modified monsters/monster-behaviour,
                          modified weapons, homing mines (!),
                          new story (?) and some new sounds.

                          Installation required.

Additional Credits to   : ID Software
                          Geoff Allan for DoomEd
                          Renaud Paquay for WinDEU
                          Greg Lewis for Dehacked
                          Denis M”ller for NWT
                          Olivier Montanuy for WinTex
                          Jens Hykkelbjerg for RMB
                          Bob Symonds for some sounds
                          Andrea Tracanella for the music
                          TiC for Obituary, best add-on ever!

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM II
Episode and Level #     : map 01-06
Single Player           : Yes, designed for.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes, but not tested.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Not really, starting-points included.
Difficulty Settings     : Yes, more info below.
New Sounds              : Yes, some.
New Graphics            : Yes, many!
New Music               : Yes, featuring Metallica!
Demos Replaced          : All three!

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch
Build time              : All winter 95/96, about 6 months!
Editor's used           : DoomEd v4.20 (fast level construction)
                          WinDEU v5.24 (safe, better nodebuilder)
                          NWT v1.3, WinTex v4.1, Dehacked v3.0a
                          RMB v2.1, Paint Shop Pro v3.12 - 32bit
                          Deluxe Paint V (amiga!)
Known Bugs              : You might get a hall of mirrors effect
                          on map01 if you look at the pyramid
                          from far away. (Due to maximum lines
                          on screen overflow.)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
levels. Thanks.

You MAY distribute this WAD anyway you want to, provided that you
include this file, with no modifications.


* Additional info *
Installation:   Create the directory 'EGYPT' in your doom2-dir,
                and make sure that the name is correct.
                Then unzip egypt.zip to that directory.
               	Run install.bat, it will take care of the rest!

                Please read the install.txt BEFORE installing.

Story:          Well, I haven't spent too much energy on this part,
                but the plot is something like this:

                 UAC, strategic command.

                 For almost 80 years, since the time of the unholy
                wars, mostly referred to as the 'Hell on earth',
                the people of planet terrus have enjoyed peace.
                 Now, strange information about sudden earthquakes,
                temperature disturbances and high toxic levels are
                coming in from the Mediterranean. The estimated
                centre of the disturbances seems to be located in
                Egypt, somewhere near the Pyramids.
                 A Japanese/Russian military team where sent
                there 72 hours ago, and they have only delivered
                one single report.
                 We assume that they are dead by now.

                 We believe the aliens we thought where wiped
                out, just have been resting and reproducing
                for a while, and that they have a secret base
                hidden under the grave of Farao Ramses III.
                The base may contain both cloning facilities
                and cryonetic storage areas.
                 There will probably also be some kind of
                reactor, granting unlimited power supply.

                 Your mission will be to get in there and
                destroy that reactor. You will also try to
                disable any cloning- or cryo-systems found.
                 Secondary objective is to find and help the
                Japanese/Russian task group.

                 Now go kick some butt!

Playing tips:   - These levels are not designed to be easy.
                  There are lots of puzzles and monsters,
                  especially on the harder skill levels.
                - If you cannot find where to go, or what to do,
                  use your map. Listen to the sounds.
                - Look closely at the walls, finding secrets
                  might be of vital importance.
                - If you are having trouble staying alive, chose
                  a different skill level. Do not cheat!

                 The difficulty setting are:

                 1/2: Not too many monsters, lots of health.
                      This is for normal/novice doomers.
                 3:   More, harder monsters, less health.
                      If you have completed doom2, try this one.
                 4:   Loads of monsters coming from everywhere!
                      For the criminally insane doomfanatic.
                 5:   Not really playable.

The levels:     1 - The giant tomb.
                    Find the entrance to the sublevel complex
                2 - Ancient vaults.
                    Make your way through the outer defences.
                3 - The gates of Cahrn.
                    Kill the guardian of the techlevels.
                4 - Computer base.
                    Take control of the computer and escape.
                5 - Cloning station.
                    Destroy the cryo/cloning systems.
                6 - The reactor.
                    Nuke and run.

Sequel (?):     Originally this package would contain about
                10 levels, but doomediting just takes too
                much time. However, if I don't get my hands
                on a Quake editor soon, there might be an
                'Egyptian Doom II - The levels of hell' !!!

   If you like this game, or if you have any comments, please mail me!