-= The British DooM ][ League =-
                               November   1 9 9 7

Title                   : "British WADpack Season 11"   

Filename                : Brit11.WAD

Info                    : 5 highly original DM levels, and probably the last
                          from the BDL team as we know it (see ending note).
                          Regardless of how Season11 turns out, we hope you
                          can appreciate these wads for what they are.

                          Much, much more complex than previous Brit WAD's
                          both aesthetically AND playability wise. Take the
                          time to learn them, and enjoy what is the
                          superlative BDL WADpack.

                          Brit11 : The only wad pack with *fantastic* looks
                          which DON'T hinder gameplay!

                          The music accompanying each level is pretty good
                          too, and suits the style.

Additional Credits to   : The respective partners of both Authors, for their
                          patience and understanding. Thanks Luv !  :)

                          All other forms of inspiration for the creation
                          of this deathmatch compilation.

                          A.Czerwonka for some textures.

Greets                  : The sad basts out there 'playing' Quake, plus all
                          you Doomers of course.


Included in ZIP         : Brit11.WAD  - The 6 levels themselves
                          Brit11.TXT  - What you're reading now
                          File_id.DIZ - File identification used by BBS's.


* Level Descriptions *

Map 1                   : "Erazer: Seek and Destroy"

Author                  : Danny "Flat Cap, Whippet Walking, Chips & Gravy" 

Details                 : I've done levels before, but nothing like this  :)
                          Designed purely for the versatile Doomer, who
                          doesn't mind working for any given kill. Tests both
                          reflexes whilst keeping the old grey matter ticking
                          over. The difference in terrain provides variety
                          in almost every game, and did you ever see a better
                          way to get a BFG ? Turbo lifts were never so cool !
                          Everything about what is to be Danny's last Doom ][
                          level was worked then reworked, so that we could be
                          sure there was no better way of 'doing things'.
                          All the various styles and neat touches should be
                          in there somewhere.

                          I think you'll find this level actually harder to
                          master when compared to other previous wads, but this
                          should lengthen the enjoyment hopefully.

Map 2                   : "Outpost"

Author                  : Danny "Sheep Dog Trials, Pork Pie Eating, Hot Pot" 

Details                 : You're gonna enjoy playing this one  :)

                          Can drive your brain crazy ... a multitude of
                          tactics can be employed, from BFG frenzies to
                          Rocket bombardment to Shotgun counter-attacks.

                          One things for sure though - the staggered height
                          of the level can lead to some some excellent frags,
                          whilst the general surrounds provide some really
                          nice aesthetics (as with all these levels !).

                          Taken from an original design by 'Roman', but then
                          modified in a way only I seem capable of  ;-)

                          Oh, and try standing near the swaying body ...

Map 3                   : "Fury"

Author                  : Stuart "The Executioner" McKendrick

Details                 : Hey, don't blink or you'll get opened up !

                          On the face of it what we have here is an arena
                          type layout ... but that's not all this level and
                          "a place of death" have in common  :-O

                          Without a shadow of a doubt, this wad can get the
                          blood pumping and the brain ... well if you've
                          played it then I need say no more.

                          Well thought out and almost 'mischievous' in parts
                          too. Fantastic design, looks and most of all
                          playability, you could frag on this for ever and
                          only played a fraction of the possibilities.

                          Whatever you do, don't play someone who knows the
                          BFG on this beauty - it can be VERY unforgiving !

Map 4                   : "The Ruins"

Author                  : Stuart "But Erm" McKendrick

Details                 : A long time in development, and worth the wait !

                          This level oozes quality, from the challenging
                          gameplay ... right down to the polished looks.

                          Something you'll learn quickly whilst playing this
                          wad is that you don't get much room for error. Your
                          opponent seems like they're always just around the
                          next corner. That's just a tribute to the excellent
                          layout. This map will push your shotgun skills to
                          the absolute limits !

                          Definitely gets the heart racing, and the pressure
                          keeps on coming and coming ... no time for any
                          indecisiveness that's for sure.

Map 5                   : "Bleed"

Author                  : Stuart "Squeeky Door" McKendrick

Details                 : This mutha just won't die !

                          What does it mean when a level such as this still
                          'has it' when alongside the very best ?  It means
                          we're bringing it to you in Brit11, that's what !

                          But not in it's original form. It's sometimes the
                          hardest task to apply new ideas and remain creative
                          with your old favourites, but Stu has proved it's
                          still possible after all this time. Now what we have
                          is great looks but that unmistakable deathmatch
                          action you can never get enough of. Some fantastic
                          additions to gameplay and looks, making this a firm
                          favourite for many a Deathmatch.

                          The action can sometimes swing this way then that,
                          giving neither player the time to dwell on
                          'what should have been'. Not to mention some of the
                          amazing frags you can get, plus many new angles
                          of attack too.

Map 6                   : "Author Room"

Author                  : Stuart "Console Boy" McKendrick

Details                 : *This level is Not intended for deathmatch play*  

                          In many previous levels/packs including this one, 
                          the (F1) Help screen has always been used for
                          Author Information. For Brit 11 I wanted to add
                          something unique. A room devoted just to the
                          creators of Brit 11, and so really the Author Room
                          is a fitting end to a Quality pack.


* Extra Information *

Single Player           : ZZZzzz!

Co-operative 2-4 Player : UM...... I don't think so Chief!

Deathmatch  2-3 Player  : Aye Lad.
              4 player  : Some maps could be a little too small.

Difficulty Settings     : Optimised for "Old deathmatch" skill 4 only. Why?
                          because that's the only way to play deathmatch.
                          It's that simple.

New Sounds              : Marine pain, Marine Death and Marine Footfall.
                          Plasma bolt impact, Chaingun, BFG, Lifts, Doors,
                          Teleport/Respawn, plus various ambience.

New Graphics            : Title, F1/Help and Interlevel screen. Sky texture
                          Status Bar/Faces, Pause, Green text. Some new
                          Wall/Door/Floor textures, plus other odds 'n ends.

New Music               : All map music replaced as follows :-

                          Map One   -  author unknown
                          Map Two   -  same again
                          Map Three -  guess what
                          Map Four  - 'Creeping Death' by Metallica
                                       (from 'Ride The Lightning')
                          Map Five  - 'SpoonMan' by SoundGarden
                                       (from 'Super Unknown')
                          Map Six   - 'ChimpBoy' by DJ Soapy Turret
                                       (Dub Clam Chowdeur '99 re-mix)

Demos Replaced          : Please note that 3 lmps (version 1.9) of 4 minute
                          duration have been included to give you a little 
                          taster. Just wait at the title screen to view them.

* Construction  *

Base                    : All Levels (bar map 2) were built from scratch. 

Build time              : Hard to quantify ... around 4 months, all told.

Programs used           : Deep 97 v9.0 - v9.50, Waded 1.38 Beta, DCK v2.

                          WinTex v4.3 for putting all the levels together
                          and for inserting graphics, sounds etc.

                          BSP v1.5x for final node building.

Known Bugs :              During the build cycle the level authors found they
                          were constantly having to re-think certain aspects
                          of EVERY level in this pack. And all because the
                          limits of the Doom ][ v1.9 engine had been reached !

                          This also accounts for why so many different titles
                          were used in the making of Brit11.

                          Suffice to say that this should be near bloody
                          immaculate !


* Footnote from the Authors of British 11 *

                          A big part of this Season's BritPack is a feature
                          only recently implemented (properly) ... Ambience.
                          Now when you're playing you can HEAR the level
                          speaking to you in many different ways. If you're
                          standing near a tunnel-type area the wind will howl.
                          Open areas also sound like they should. Walk into a
                          room full of torches and you hear the flames licking
                          the walls ... there's even the odd 'bonus' noise
                          thrown in for good measure.

                          Note: For ambience to work you must NOT use the
                                'NOMONSTERS' parameter. Also, you must FIRE
                                at least once after starting each level.
                                Try taking out some barrels !

                          Another important aspect to this pack is in the form
                          of it's hardware requirements. All the levels show
                          off some of the nicest designs you'll see in Doom,
                          but you need the hardware too ... this also goes for
                          the added sound effects; they all can take their toll
                          on lower-end systems. It is with this in mind that we
                          recommend a PC with at least a P100 processor, a
                          decent PCI graphics card and a minimum of a Sound
                          Blaster 16 (an AWE is ideal) - with Doom set to play
                          EIGHT (8) sounds simultaneously. You can check this
                          in Doom's SETUP program, under the sound card section.
                          Thankfully we aren't asking too much as these days
                          this system isn't considered to be particularly
                          'top-end' anymore.

                          Note: Brit11 is NOT enhanced for MMX technology *:)  

                          Lastly, we would all like to extend our thanks to the
                          BDL itself, without which Doom ][ Deathmatch just would
                          not be the same. Over the last few seasons things have
                          progressed so much in terms of what the BDL offers it's
                          members. Better laid out rules, utility files plus not
                          to mention the very best wads each and every season is
                          all we could ask for - and this is just what has been
                          provided. It's been a lot of fun battling it out with
                          some of the best players in the UK, and the spirit of
                          the BDL has helped to keep the 'fun' element in too.

                          All we can say is it's a shame things have to finally
                          come to a close, but the BDL can only be proud of what
                          it has achieved over the years since Doom was first

                          If Season 11 turns out like Brit11, we're sure it
                          will be a fitting Grand Finale to the BDL.

                    NOTE: Brit11 may be the last Seasonal wad pack, but
                          hang on in there 'till after the 3 demos have
                          finished for promise of a truly 'Happy Ending' :)


* Copyright / Permissions *

-= Copyright 1997 - British DooM ][ League - all rights reserved =-

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no
modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc), and if you want to include this WAD in a CD compilation
then ask us first !! You are NOT allowed to extract separate levels from


* Where to get this WAD *

The British DooM ][ League BBS - 01290 426847 - 24hrs ANSI
BDL website - http://www.cosworth.enta.net/


Please feel free to email comments to the respected authors :-

           danny@lancs.airtime.co.uk        (Danny Lancashire)
           stuart@zone.u-net.com            (Stuart McKendrick)


     Make sure you always remember, no matter what your neighbour says ...

        Q U A K E    S U C K S    E L E P H A N T S   S W I N G E R S

    A N D   T I C K L E S   T H E   S C R O T U M   O F   B A D G E R S  !