BREATHE DOOM II DEATHMATCH MAP
                         Originally released 24 June 1998
                             Re-released July 18 1998
<--Quick Note-->
Shortly after I released Breathe I was made aware of some errors (no more
visplanes) by Fod. I have corrected those errors with very little compromise
and Breathe should now be error free :)

Title                     : Breathe
Filename                  : Breathe.zip                                                                                                                                          
World Builder             : Stuart McKendrick
Nickname                  : YETi
Web Address               : www.yeti.co.uk - Dedicated Doom 2 Deathmatch
E-mail Address            : deathmatch@yeti.co.uk    

Previous DM wads created  : Ozone, Battery, Bleed, YETi, Tower, Openair.
                            Exposed. EDGE (6 level dm pack) + my work on
                            the excellent Brit 11.


Breathe is larger than some of my older levels which was deliberate so that
players have to work for kills! The size of breathe allowed me to create many
different routes giving players more options getting from A to B which keeps
you second guessing your opponents next move. I like the uncertainty this
creates in players minds during play as your  never quite sure where the next
bullet is coming from :)
   I read with interest the review of Exposed from the Doomsters page and
talking about my levels looking very brown, hopefully I have managed to break
this up with the use of windows, flags and some textures I worked on.
Finally I definitely think Breathe is a progression visually and
architecturally than previous efforts which I`m very happy about.

Additional Credits : Danny Lancashire (playtester and some sound modification)                                                            Ha not this time PAL!!
                     Anthony Czerwonka (Adelusion) for allowing me to use
                     textures from the Gothic series.Thankyou.
Greetings to : Danny, Scoops, Forgot, Rambo, Phil Abbott, Nick Baker, Rambo,
               Opulent, Cocoon and _Satori_ which of all the doomers on Efnet
               #Doom2 he was the only decent guy I spoke to. 

King of the Gimps: Mystican `The Happy Homo'

More credits just to keep people happy.

I would like to thank Elvis as I wouldn`t have been here today if it wasn`t
for him.
A dog called Jip for saving me from certain death and pulling me from a
towering inferno several years ago.
A bloke called Jim I think who I have never spoken to but shit why not.
Thanks to my mum and dad for having me of course.
CREDIT must go to all the happy homo`s out there for their encouragement and
kind words throughout this project without them this wouldn`t have been
Thanks to Susan J. McCheese for adding a _pixel_ to a wall texture.
Big big thanks to id after all when I use their textures they don`t email me
asking me to include credit. Hey you stole my work sniff sniff!

                       P L A Y    I N F O R M A T I O N

Deathmatch Level #      : One
Single Player           : NO
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : er....... NO sir!.
zDeathmatch  2-4 Player : Breathe has been primarily been created for 2 player
                          deathmatch but I believe 3&4 players works very
Difficulty Settings     : Optimised for Old deathmatch skill 4 only. Why?
                          because that`s the only way to play deathmatch
                          it's that simple.
New Sounds              : Yes, practically all of them.
New Graphics            : Title screen, F1/help, credit and interlevel screen.
                          Sky texture, status bar, pause and text + textures
                          modified by myself.
New Music               : Yes 

Demos                   : None included in this release. Hopefully I`ll get
                          chance to add some to the Demos section on my page.


Base                    : From a blank grid. 
Build time              : Too long but something like 3-4 hours a day for weeks then some
Editor(s) used          : Waded 1.38B, Deep and Wintex 4.3
                          Wintex for inserting graphics, sounds etc...
                          Deep for cleaning up and optimizing the level.

Known Bugs :              Yes, a small window where ammo disappears,
                          very difficult to hit this error really so
                          shouldn`t affect play.If you find anymore then
                          please let me know.

=-=-=-=Copyright / Permissions=-=-=-=

  Authors MAY NOT use this Wad-Pack as a base to build additional levels/packs, 
or otherwise. Ask first! didn`t your mum teach you anything  

  You MAY distribute this PWAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  If you have any constructive comments at all, good or bad
please email me at: deathmatch@yeti.co.uk
                                                                                                                                                                           Hi there Vincent gong just checking were you :D
=-=-= Where to get this WAD and others =-=-=

Web Page:   www.yeti.co.uk  - Dedicated Doom ][ Deathmatch Page
GothicDm and Gothic 2       - Cdrom.com


Go away it`s over, don`t you get the message.

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